Island Rain

A cozy island mystery novel.

Free from high school and sick of home, Rain Eldridge joins his best friend Carson for a perfect summer vacation in Warley Island. The island boasts warm beaches, cute rental homes, and legends of pirate treasure.

For Rain, Warley has much more in store. He and Carson arrive in time for beach week, when hundreds of other teenagers swarm the island to celebrate graduation. One crazy night draws a horde of unexpected guests, threatening Rain’s hopes for a fresh start. Worst of all, Rain and his new island friends discover that someone in Warley has met a gruesome fate. 

A ruthless police chief starts hunting for answers. Armed with metal detectors, energy drinks, and a broken baseball bat, Rain and five other vacationers join forces to solve a tragic mystery and prove themselves innocent. Meanwhile, Rain faces another threat: His family’s history returns to haunt him, hundreds of miles away from home. 

Five years in the making, Island Rain is S.C. Giedzinski’s debut novel.

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