S.C. Giedzinski is a student of mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland. He has written fiction for years, starting in Microsoft Word 2003 on an old Windows XP desktop computer. Since then, Giedzinski has written one complete novel and numerous short stories, many of which were previously posted on his Wattpad page. There, his first novel “Deadly Angels of New York City” gathered over 10,000 reads. Giedzinski writes adventure, mystery, horror, science fiction, historical fiction, and—of course—short stories.

In 2015, Giedzinski’s story “Interview with Mars Three Crew (December)” was awarded second place in the Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s Jack L. Chalker teen writing contest. The following year, Giedzinski’s story “The Painter’s Foe” was awarded second place in the AADL’s “It’s All Write!” teen writing contest. Another of his stories, “Marvin’s Tree” was showcased at the University of Maryland’s 2017 ARHU Research & Arts Festival. His short story “Marshmallows” was published in the University of Maryland’s Stylus Literary Journal in 2019.

S.C. Giedzinski is a student of both the University of Maryland’s Arts Scholars program and the Jiménez-Porter Writers’ House.