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  • New Book Available Today: Nine Million Marshmallows and More

    New Book Available Today: Nine Million Marshmallows and More

    My first collection of short stories is live on Amazon today in PAPERBACK! I’m so excited to finally share this project with the world. Nine Million Marshmallows and More is a little book of ten stories in a wide variety of genres. Click here to order on Amazon, and please leave a review!

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  • A Short Story for Pride Week

    Instead of my normal blog post, today I have released another one of my short stories: “Kinderszenen.” This is my most recent story, and it’s taken months to fine-tune. “Kinderszenen” deals with themes of love, loss, and memory while Anna, an old woman, wanders through Costco. You can find it through the Stories tab on […]

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  • Tales from a High School Writing Club

    Almost five years ago, I entered ninth grade with the goal of writing a book. With minimal experience, I knew I’d need help. I also knew that my school had a creative writing class and a newspaper club, but both were disbanded or discontinued the same year I arrived. My small, rural school provided no […]

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  • Into Battle, Armed with a Rubber Chicken

    Before anyone taught me how to outline a story, I believed that the ideal circumstance for writing went something like this: “I awaken from a dream, alert, lucid, and armed with a brilliant new story idea, having witnessed a complete and coherent narrative in my sleep. I then grab my laptop, hunker down, and tap […]

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